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11 Modules

The Course contains eleven distinct modules, with countless amounts of  game changing on-page content.

Technical Course

The course teaches the basics of technical SEO, from how to use HTML on your sites to crawl efficiency and more.

Advanced Processes

Learn the advanced processes that go into master level optimization, from decision making to running efficient campaigns.

Regular Updates

There will be new content added to the course for 6 months+, with new case-studies and tests to be shared.


I’m convinced that you’ll love this course, and if you’re not satisfied then I’ll give you your money back. No matter who you are there’s a lot you’ll learn from the course and I can’t see how you can’t be happy with that.

Course now full. Thanks to all who purchased the course, at this time I’m not selling any more copies to allow me to focus on updates for the existing members over the constant customer service needed to continue selling indefinitely. I will be opening more slots around Black Friday with a discount. Thanks.

Frequently Asked:

What are the modules?

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Principles

Module 3: Fundamentals

Module 4: Keyword Research

Module 5: Site & URL Structure

Module 6: Content

Module 7: Audits

Module 8: Advanced On-Page

Module 9: Technical SEO

Module 10: Bonus Content

Module 11: Resources

Is this course for beginners?

The course is really good for beginners because it teaches them what really matters and what really works, but there is a lot of advanced stuff in this course that even most experienced SEOs won’t have read about anywhere else.

Is there a support forum?

We tried a forum the first time around, and it turned out that our Facebook Group was a better medium for discussion. So yes, there is support it’ll just be on our Facebook group.

I bought the first version do I need to buy version 2?

If you purchased the original version of the course, you don’t need to pay for the second version of the course. Just like people buying version 2 won’t need to pay for a version 3 or 4 (if that ever happens).

About The Author

Daniel Cuttridge is an experienced inbound marketer with over 6 years of experience ranking websites. He has worked with huge lead generation companies, ecommerce businesses and built hundreds of websites as a front-end web developer. He now works with select clients and on his own websites for fun and profit. With such a wide range of experience he’s been sharing information about on-page optimization for years on forums, blogs and the first version of this course. In the second version of the course, he’s sharing more than ever before with a hugely expanded and more detailed amount of material.